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The power behind byebyebad™

80 million years ago, the Tōtara tree said "byebye, Gondwanaland!" and made Aotearoa its home. With a magical core ingredient, it's been building up the New Zealand landscape ever since, fighting off disease and beating environmental attacks.

In the 90’s, scientists uncovered this special tree’s secret and said hello to the highly potent antioxidant, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial substance in its heartwood — Bioactive Totarol™. Knowing the potential the ingredient could have across healthcare, our parent company got the rights to commercialise it, and developed a patented method of extracting Bioactive Totarol™ from off-cuts. Saying byebye to the need to harm any living trees, and hello to a world of opportunity.

Fast forward to today, and Bioactive Totarol™ has been sold worldwide for two decades, while a replanting program ensures the growth of future Tōtara forests. Say byebye to bad and hello to a world of Totarol-powered health possibilities!

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