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Did you know fragrance, just like other cosmetics, has a shelf-life?

If you're anything like me, you've probably been gifted (or gifted yourself!) a beautiful candle or personal fragrance only to find that it's accidentally expired, and it doesn't smell all that great anymore. You see unlike makeup, there’s no putting it back together - molecules of fragrance can physically change. Because fragrance is so vulnerable to degradation from a number of factors, smart storage practices are important. So here’s a quick guide with some useful tips on how to keep your favourite fragrances smelling exactly as they should for as long as possible.

1. Just like you wouldn't leave a lipstick in a hot car, keep your fragrance away from extreme heat.

So heat is obvious, but don’t go putting them in your freezer either. The best temperature is a good deal colder than a comfortable room, around 12-15 degrees. If you want the perfect conditions, try storing your liquid fragrance in the fridge. For bulkier items a cool corner of the house is perfect.

2. Your bathroom seems like a sure bet, but the humidity isn't great for fragrance

It makes sense to put your favourite perfume on your sink or in your bathroom cabinet for ease of use, but it’s actually not a good idea. Bathrooms are hot and humid, which makes them prime areas for breaking down the fragrance’s molecules and introducing bacteria.

3. Sunlight, not great for your skin and not great for your scents either!

Light exposure degrades lots of molecules, including those in most fragrances. So keeping your scents somewhere with little to no light exposure is best.

4. Leaving the top off is a sure fire way to literally lose your fragrance

Scents that are alcohol-based have a rapid rate of evaporation once they’re exposed to air, so forgetting to seal up bottles means that your scent will dry up sooner.

If you want to make the most out of your fragrance, whether it's a gorgeous Gascoigne & King candle or delicious Mor Eau De Parfum, a little consideration goes a long way!

Keep them safe, and they'll keep you and your home smelling sweeter for longer.

With love, Richie

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